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120 years of Concrete Block, Pavers, and Slab Machinery.


A family owned business with of tradition of excellence, offering state-of-the-art Production Equipment and Secondary Treatment Systems for the Concrete Products Industry: Blocks, Pavers, Tiles Slabs, Bricks etc. Known for their sturdy build and long service life, the product range comprises:

  • Concrete Block, Paver and Brick Finishing (from 30mm to 500mm height)

    • Automatic Calibrators, Grinders and Polishers 

    • Finishing Lines, including Shot Blasting, Chamfering, and Squaring, Painting, Coating and Waxing Lines


  • Concrete Slabs Production (from 15 up to 100mm height, from 200mm to 1400mm dimension)

    • Hermetic Presses for Single and Double Layer Slabs and Tiles

    • Automated finishing lines including Calibrating, Grinding, Polishing, Shotblasting, Chamfering, Brushing, etc. 

    • Batching systems for high-precision concrete mixture dosing

    • Handling and Palletising systems

  • Product Handling and Palletising systems for Blocks and Slabs

  • Water Treatment and Recycling Systems

  • Digital Printing Lines for Concrete Blocks, Veneer Stones, Pavers and Slabs

  • Maintenance, Spare Parts and Remote Assistance and data monitoring systems

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Hermetic Presses and Secondary Treatment Systems



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A small selection of Cassani and Longinotti concrete machinery.

About Our Equipment

Our assortment includes full turnkey production plants and standalone equipment including, but not limited to:

  • Batching plants for high-precision dosing and mixing concrete mixes

  • 15 variants of world-leading Longinotti Hermetic Presses for slabs based on your format size and productivity requirements

  • 4 large families of grinding machines for light and medium grinding and polishing of blocks and pavers (BK Series) and slabs (M Series, S Series, CTS Series), with chamfering

  • Shotblasting and chamfering lines (SHOT and CHAMFER series) 

  • Slab handing (Linear S Plants) 

  • Pallestisers series (PP 95)

Our technicians will travel on-site to provide full set-up support and training, as well any required regular maintenance and spare parts, anywhere in the world.

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Concrete Surface Treatment Equipment

Pavers and blocks ending the hardening phase after production in molds or hermetic presses have raw, uneven surface. Cassani’s equipment can transform the look of these products to give a broad range of desired finishes, such as:

  • Calibrators that ensure sizing to within tenths of a milimeter.

  • Grinders and polishers that deliver a beautiful smoothness and/or shine to the face of the product.

  • Shotblasters, bush-hammers and brushes create a worn, dimpled or rougher surface. 

  • Chamfering units make diagonal cuts on the edges of products and etchings for water drainage or other special requirements. 


Cassani's robust, easy-to-use production equipment can be customized according to your production needs. Whether you need a single operating station, or a 10-station production line, Cassani has the proper equipment to get the job done.


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