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The ASSYX DuroBOARD® represents the latest - and most economic - development in production board technology. Consisting of a wooden core with an abrasion resistant Polyurethane surface coating, the ASSYX DuroBOARD® combines all the advantages of previously used materials, but without having any of their weaknesses.


Their unique features are:

  • Resistance to weather, temperature extremes, chemical attack

  • Impact Resistance (will not break when dropped)

  • Abrasion resistant (product can be pushed off the board)

  • Optimal vibration transmission

  • Superior flexural strength

  • Ease of Handling and Maintenance (Will not rust, no need to keep moist, no need for re-surfacing after some years of service)

  • Long Service life (15+ years) and low unit/cycle cost.


Discover why most of the Industry leaders are switching to Assyx boards


Production Boards


Shop for what you need.



Shop for what you need.

About Our Production Boards

Production Boards Built to Last

When it comes to concrete products manufacturing plants, the durability and characteristics of the production boards is extremely important. Production boards for the concrete block and paver industry have to fulfill some unique requirements, which only certain suppliers can offer.

  • ASSYX production boards meet and exceed these requirements by providing:

  • High bending strength and low deflection

  • Impact and wear resistance (no need for resurfacing the boards after a few years)

  • Weather-proof production boards

  • Water-proof production boards

  • Temperature resistant production boards -13ºF to +194ºF

  • Resistance to chemical attacks to the extremes

  • Lightweight due to wood core

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Production Board Cleaning Systems

We don’t just carry production boards, we also offer production board cleaning systems to help you maintain your boards and extend their lifespan. These cleaning systems for production boards efficiently remove foreign substances from your production boards without damaging the boards themselves.

Learn more about our cleaning solutions here:

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