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Lammers, a family owned German manufacturer, has been supplying molds to the Concrete Products Industry for more than 50 years. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and 3D engineering, enables them to provide quality molds for any type of concrete product the market may demand.


Concrete Block and Paver Molds

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Shop for what you need.



Shop for what you need.

About Our Concrete Block Molds

Durable Concrete Block Molds

A major aspect to the production of concrete pavers or blocks will be the durability of the mold being used. Here at ISI we use Lammers concrete block moulds which are of the highest standard in durability. In other words, your investment into these concrete molds will last—you won’t have to worry about the consistency of your product changing when you need to purchase a new mold


Consistent Concrete Paver Molds

In addition to durability, the production method used by Lammers ensures the creation of their concrete paver moulds and block molds produce the same result every time. This, ultimately, leads to a consistent end product from your paver batching plant or block batching plant, every time

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