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For more than a hundred years the name Weber has been synonymous with Brush products for technical applications and cleaning solutions. They are the original brush supplier for the Concrete Products Industry, with a product range comprising


  • Strip/Feedbox brushes for mold cleaning

  • Brushes for cleaning and treating wet (green) concrete products

  • Rotary brushes for cleaning production boards

  • “Crust-Cracker” machines, used for effectively removing concrete and synthetic resin build-up on your production boards.


Concrete Brushes

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Shop for what you need.



Shop for what you need.

About Our Brushes

Protect Your Investment

In the fast-paced industry of Concrete batching and production, it’s essential to keep your machinery in proper working conditions. This means, keeping your plant, machine and molds clean and clear of sticking concrete through the usage of brushes. Whether you need rotary brushes for pallet cleaning and green products, feed box strip brushes, or something more specialized, ISI is here to help you protect your investment.


Our Assortment of Brushes includes,

but is not limited to

  • Feed box strip brushes

  • Feed drawer brushes

  • Spiral brushes for green products

  • Rotary brushes for green products

  • Production board cleaning brushes

  • Pallet cleaning brushes

  • Brushes for special applications

  • Surface treatment brushes

  • Production enhancement brushes

  • Street sweeping brushes

  • Snow removal brushes

  • Industrial floor cleaning brushes

  • Concrete products manufacturing brushes


Why use ISI for your Concrete Brushes?

Here at ISI we provide only the highest quality concrete brushes and concrete production equipment in the industry. As such, our clients have come to rely on us as a trusted source for all of their concrete brush needs. 

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