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ROTHO – Robert Thomas are a family owned German manufacturer specializing in Curing and Drying Systems used in the Brick and Concrete Products industries.


 With more than 1000 Curing Racks and Curing Systems installed worldwide, all of them “Made in Germany”, ROTHO have pioneered the “Big Chamber” and “Pro-Cure” Systems. These represent milestones in energy efficient Heating and Curing technology, allowing for a more uniform and faster curing process of the manufactured product, protecting the vibrancy of your colored product, while eliminating excess humidity and premature rust attacks on your rack system.


Their highly efficient Noise and Dust absorption systems, complying with the most demanding environmental regulations, markedly improve working conditions on the factory floor, thereby helping to better motivate a work force nowadays hard to find and retain.


Curing Racks and Curing Systems


Shop for what you need.



Shop for what you need.

About Our Curing System

Rotho Curing Systems for Concrete Plants

  • Rotho offers state-of-the-art concrete paver plant curing systems and concrete block plant curing systems including:

  • Industrial air circulation systems

  • Curing circulation systems

  • Aggregate Concrete Heating Systems

  • Humidification Systems

  • Pre-fabricated concrete curing racks


Quality Concrete Curing Systems

In concrete batching plants, you want to ensure your curing systems and air circulation systems are of the highest quality so you can depend on them to work every day without fail. These systems aren’t always the first consideration in a concrete paver plant, but their continual and flawless operation is crucial to keeping your business operational.

If a curing rack breaks, or a circulation system shuts down, it could bring your automated concrete batching plant to a halt. For this reason, it’s important to only source the highest quality ROTHO concrete curing systems when installing a concrete production plant.

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