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A family owned business with hundred years of tradition of excellence, offer State-of-the Art Production Equipment and Secondary Treatment Systems for the Concrete Products Industry. Blocks, Pavers, Tiles Slabs, Bricks etc.


Known for their sturdy built and long service life, the product range offered by comprises:


  • Hermetic Presses for Face Mix and Single Layer Slabs and Tiles, ranging from thicknesses of 15 up to 100mm

  • Automatic Calibrators and Grinders and Polishing Machines for Blocks, Pavers and other Elements Slabs ranging from 30mm to 500mm height

  • Auxiliary Processing Lines, including Shot Blasting, Chamfering, and Squaring, Painting, Coating and Waxing Lines

  • Product Handling Systems

  • Water Treatment and Recycling Systems

  • Digital Printing Lines for Concrete Blocks, Veneer Stones, Pavers and Slabs

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Hermetic Presses and Secondary Treatment Systems



Shop for what you need.



Shop for what you need.

About Our Equipment

Our assortment of Cassani equipment includes, but is not limited to

  • Batching plants for tile preparation

  • Grinding Machine Series 4000 and Series 3000

  • Linear S Plants for manufacturing production lines

  • Pallestisers series PP 95

  • Automatic finishing line for concrete blocks

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Herunterladbare Dateien.

When pavers and blocks exit the production line they are nearly flawless. This finished product isn’t the ideal look for some projects which require matching blocks to current architecture or for homeowners who want a more aged looking paver. This is where surface treatment for concrete comes in through the usage of surface treatment machines. These machines “age” the blocks giving a more natural look where desired.


Cassani production lines and equipment can be customized according to your production needs. Whether you need a single operating station, or a 10-station production line, Cassani has the proper equipment to get the job done.


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