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To manufacture merchantable product day in and day out, your quality assurance systems need to perform reliably every hour, every day and – if something goes wrong – tell your operators promptly and clearly what corrective action they need to take.


Cassani-Produktionslinien und -Ausrüstung können an Ihre Produktionsanforderungen angepasst werden. Ob Sie eine einzelne Arbeitsstation oder eine Produktionslinie mit 10 Stationen benötigen, Cassani hat die richtige Ausrüstung, um die Arbeit zu erledigen.


  • A laser based height control system, measuring your product to a precision of 0.5mm (2/100”) Measurements are displayed instantly on your machine operator’s screen, tell him whether or not his product meets pre-set standards and – if not – where the problems occur. The production data generated can be accessed from remote and be can be stored  for future use and analysis.

  • A product density control system which builds on the laser based height control, adding precise weighing modules, which reports instantly whether your product will meet your density requirements

  • A 3D- surface inspection system system scanning the product surface for flaws and imperfections.


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Shop for what you need.



Shop for what you need.

About Our Automation

Hands-Off and Worry-Free

With any automation solution, you want to achieve the highest quality product while also expending a minimal amount of manpower. When seeking out concrete block plant automation systems, or concrete paver plant automation systems, you want to partner with the industry’s best. R&W offers the best in concrete automation systems in the following areas: 

  • Production data Management System

  • PLC-Scope Software

  • Concrete paver laser height control systems

  • Concrete block laser height control systems

  • Concrete paver controls

  • Turn-key concrete block plants and concrete paver plants

  • Automated concrete block plants and concrete paver plants


Why Use ISI for Your Concrete Production Automation?

Here at ISI, we work alongside our clients to develop the ideal concrete production automation system for their needs. We help you determine exactly what types of equipment would be necessary for you to achieve your desired production output. This is so, at the end of your installation, you end up with the most efficient automated concrete production plant.


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