Concrete Production Boards

ISI offers convenient access to high-quality German concrete production boards created by ASSYX. These production boards for the paver industry and block industry combine are made using a wooden core with a Polyurethane coating. This construction allows gives our clients the very best production boards for concrete product manufacturing on the market.

Production Boards Built to Last

When it comes to concrete production automation lines, the durability of the concrete production boards is extremely important. Production boards for the block industry and paver industry have some unique requirements which only certain suppliers can meet. ASSYX production boards meet and exceed these requirements by providing:

  • High bending strength and low deflection
  • Impact and wear resistance (no need for resurfacing the boards after a few years)
  • Weather-proof production boards
  • Water-proof production boards
  • Temperature resistant production boards -13ºF to +194ºF
  • Resistance to chemical attacks to the extremes
  • Lightweight due to wood core

As a result, you end up with a quality production board which is built to last.

Production Board Cleaning Systems

We don’t just carry production boards, we also offer production board cleaning systems to help you maintain your boards and extend their lifespan. These cleaning systems for production boards efficiently remove foreign substances from your production boards without damaging the boards themselves.

For more information on our production boards for concrete, or to place an order, give us a call today—we’re happy to help!

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